Silent Reputation - Reputation Management

We build, manage, adjust reputation for companies, organisations or public/private persons. Privacy is paramount.

Reputation Management - What we do Online, offline reputation strategy and management

Reputation Management - We cover: USA, Europe, UK, Australia, etc.

Reputation Management - How we work
- Define long term strategic goal specifications
- Strategic plan and principles
- Ongoing management through various channels
- Last minute or short term opportunities and trends detection and speculation
- Constant evaluation and adjustment to reach the goals

Reputation Management - We work with

Obviously, we cannot disclose any of our clients or projects. Our clients are required not to disclose they are using our services in any recorded form.

Reputation Management - Experience 20 years+, internationally

Reputation Management - Who may need our services

Companies, Business people, Organisations, Political parties and Politicians, public movements

Reputation Management - Common channels that we use:

Online: Google Organic, Google Adwords, Google Search Console, Analytics, Other reporting tools, Yahoo, Bing, Online blogs, forums, Articles, LinkedIn, Bloomberg, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Online newspapers, Youtube, etc. We use custom-built developed Reputation Management Software on our requirements; Offline: print, outdoor, personal communication (stories, gossip, conferences, name and ideas placement in various contexts/circumstances).
We work with top online experts, designers, translators, copyrighters, trend analysts, legal advisors, trade mark experts, local companies and experts in various countries, etc. All our collaborators are carefully selected, they cannot disclose any recorded information without our written consent, and we only feed them with the minimum of information they need to do their job under the global reputation project - in many cases they will not even know who our client is. We use only legal means while exploiting legal opportunities.
We detect and adjust your online history according to reputation goals, build new content, create brands, websites and online content to support your reputation.

Reputation Management - Price

One time initial fee (goals, strategy, initial plan, initial set-up) + monthly (management, reporting) + occasional extra-development (brand, websites, articles, unexpected events/opportunities). You will receive an initial estimate after initial discussions. Beside our services you will need a decent budget for each campaign (Print, online Ads, audio/video production, content writing, etc.).

Reputation Management - Private projects:

Ocassionaly, we develop entire projects available for sale. If you come across such a project and you are interested in buying the complete solution, you are welcome to contact us.

Reputation Management - Interested? Contact us at - and we will start from there. After initial contact we will discuss your reputation management requirements, we will prepare you a reputation project explaining goals, opportunities, stategies, channels. Invoices will be issued from UK (or other countries, in certain cases). We work only with selected clients. By contacting us you agree to accept our decision to accept or reject an initial disussion or a future collaboration on our sole discretion, without any explanation. We select our clients and projects according to our undiscolsed principles. An NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) will be signed before starting any project.